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I'm grateful for all the backpackers that are out on trail using my gear, now going on seven years! In appreciation, for this hiking season, I've put together some cook kits at really attractive prices. There is a 750cc pot option (OUT OF STOCK) and an 1100cc pot option. Each cook kit includes the titanium pot, titanium windscreen, stainless steel mesh pot support, DualFuel burner (for alcohol, solid fuel tabs, or even gel fuel), a stuff sack, an alcohol bottle, and an alcohol measuring cup. Everything you need on trail to cook up a storm, or just to heat some water. This Special Deal will end when I run out of the pots I have on hand (750 cc pots are all gone, very sorry. I'm sure YOU don't want to miss out.

I have another Special Deal going now if you want to get some friends together for some of my titanium trowels

750cc Ti Pot - OUT OF STOCK
1100cc Ti Pot - holds 4.5 cups, 4.8 oz (135g) with lid
- titanium Windscreen for 1100cc pot - 0.60 oz (17g)
DualFuel burner - holds 1.5 oz alcohol, 0.85 oz (23g)
Stainless steel mesh pot stand - 0.35 oz (10g)
Alcohol bottle and measure - 0.80 oz (22g)

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