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Titanium is tough stuff to work with, but it makes a great trowel. Thin but incredibly strong. Ultralight, nearly indestructible, cuts turf and small roots with ease. All of the shaping of the titanium metal is done with high heat, which makes the titanium stronger and gives it a unique surface coloration. The handles have a yellow coating for better gripping and visibility (harder to lose in the leaves) as well as a hole if you you want to add a thin cord or string. Extra layers of coating are used to pad the handle tip for even better comfort.

My "Original" and very popular "Big Dig" trowels are available, as well as the largest size, the "MEGA Dig". Can you dig it? You can see a video below the photo to the right that SectionHiker made as part of his review, showing him digging a cathole with his own Big Dig, which will give you an idea of how well it works on trail. More reviews and quotes can be found on my "Trowel Tales" page.

All trowels ship with the Advanced Cathole Users Manual, including my famous "soup" recipe. HINT: Not the kind of soup you generally think of. Join the legions who dig my trowels!
You know you WANT one.

SPECIFICATIONS:You have a choice among:
The smaller Original, about 0.4 oz, 6" long
as small and light as a trowel can be and still do the intended job
The larger Big Dig, about 0.6 oz, 7.25" long
has 50% more surface area if you need to dig fast or go big
The largest MEGA Dig, about 1.0 oz, 8.5" long
has even more surface area and length for those who need it

Big Digs are the most popular, outselling Originals 2 to 1!
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