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FireFly XL

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OK, so you like some of my gear, but you also like a bargain. Me too. Maybe this deal is for you! Your 2019 season on trail is fast approaching . . . Are you ready?

To celebrate a great 8 years in business, everything on this page is 10% off their regular price. If you order two things, I will give you an additional 5% off your whole order. If you order three things, I will give you another 10% off the whole order. The more you order, the bigger the discount. The discounts only apply to what you can order from this page. I will use PayPal to refund the additional 5% or 10% discounts. NO LIMITS.

Yes, you read that right, a 10% discount, a 15% discount, or a 20% discount. Get a group of friends together. Go wild!

Here's what's on sale: You can get an Original or Big Dig titanium trowel, a Lil' Flip titanium spatula, and/or a FireFly (with FlexPort) and/or FireFly XL titanium ultralight woodburning stove. Links at the left will take you to full descriptions if not familiar with these items.

Be the envy of everyone on the trail. You know you WANT em.
Shipping may be a bit slower than usual depending response.

For information on when you can expect to receive gear you order, check my Shipping Status.
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